Thursday, March 15, 2018

So Confused

Today I found my old blog once again and I decided I would post on it once again just like I did around this same time last year. However, when I tried to log in this time I could not log in and everything was very confusing. After about a 1/2 hour of password changing, account verification and confusion I realized Blogger was bought out by Google and I can't just log in using my original email and password anymore. My account now has to be connected with a Google account. Since I haven't used Blogger in such a long time I had no idea about any of this. Anyways, when I finally figured everything out my ski club YouTube channel that is connected to a Google account with the same email as my blogger account was some how got connected. Since I need to have a Google account connected with my Blogger it noticed the two emails were matching and automatically connected the two accounts. Am I making any sense? I do not want my ski club Google/YouTube channel account connected with my Blogger account but I do not know how to change it. That is the stress I'm dealing with today on top of trying to buy a new car. What a mess!

I think I'll post a separate post about the car.


Thursday, March 9, 2017


Hello blog,
The last time I posted on here was in June of 2012. I was 23 years old then. I recently found this old blog of mine and have been reading all the old posts I made a long time ago. I used to blog everything back then. I wasn't sure if I would actually be able to log into my blog here as it has been 5 years since I last logged onto my account but it actually worked! The reason I stopped blogging was because I was posting everything I blogged about in video form onto my many YouTube channels. I was more interested in doing the videos then typing the blog posts so I ended up stopping. Now that I have found my old blog again I decided I would make a post. And who knows.. maybe I will continue to post. I really enjoy reading the previous entries I've made. I also really do enjoy making blog posts because it allows me to think about life and process my thoughts. I'm not sure why I ever stopped. Sometimes things just get old after a while I guess.
So much has changed since my last post 5 years ago. The biggest changes have been me moving out of my parents house and now most recently me getting engaged. I also now work at a limousine company full time and no longer at AMC Theaters. Change is really hard for me but I'm happy with where my life is right now.
The main thing going on in my life right now is wedding planning. Coming from someone who is a master planner I am having the hardest time with this wedding planning stuff. Not only is it SUPER expensive but there are so many things to worry about. So many little details to think about and remember. Luckily I have put together a wedding binder with all the information I could ever need to know about all the services we are using. It is very helpful! Without my binder I would be lost in a sea of paperwork. I'm sure once the actual wedding day comes along it will all be very beautiful but until then I am trapped and tangled in a web of stress. The main thing that stresses me out is the money of course because I have no idea how we're going to pay for everything. We literally have a $5,000 total running right now and we still have a huge list of things we haven't even found out the price on yet like all the decorations for the tables/hall, Clarks wedding ring, alterations and so many other things. On top of all this my best friend Chandra is also getting married this July and I am in her wedding as a bridesmaid. I don't even want to talk about that. This is supposed to be a happy time for both of us but it is more stressful then happy because I don't know how I am going to afford all this. We're already having trouble affording our own wedding let alone having to afford for me to be in some one elses wedding at the same time. The dress, shoes, hair/makeup, bachelorette party, bridal shower gift! It all adds up in the end and can become quite expensive.

Until next time,

Friday, June 1, 2012


So I've been getting tons of dog poop from everyone about not updating my blog. Now that I have lots of time on my hands being out of school and all I should be updating it. However, I have been slacking majorly. I'm not that busy honestly so I do have time to do it but recently I've been more focused on YouTube. This blog post is mainly to give you all the links to my Youtube channels so you can still keep up with me. I've been posting daily videos on my HystericalHolly channel so instead of reading a blog post you can just go to my YouTube channel and watch my daily videos. I know you'll be happy about this Uncle Larry because now you cant tell me you dont know whats going on with me. So for any of you out there who want to follow me just go to YouTube and type in:

HystericalHolly This is my most recent channel and I've started posting daily videos here.

BaldHotdog I created this channel for my friend Adalberto at work. His nickname is hotdog and he is bald. Every time all of us from work go and hang out with him I would film it and post it on this channel. It started out like that but it has kind of turned into a channel where I post anything I do with my work friends. Adalberto dosent have to be present, we've just started posting our random hang outs on this channel.

TheMexicanHam For those of you know know or dont know my three friends Celia, Carla and Carol we hang out all the time and I practically live at their house. I'm their adopted sister and I post everything we do together on this channel.

FourWindsSkiClub This is a channel I created for my ski club. Any outings or ski trips I go on I film and I post the footage to this channel.

So these are four channels you can find me on to see what I have been up to. Now that you can all find me everywhere on the internet I dont want to hear any complaining about not knowing whats going on with me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No More

John and I are no longer dating. I felt since many of you guys knew him I would post a blog about it. Its nothing awful, nothing weird, nothing awkward. We left on good terms and we're still really good friends. As a matter of fact it was ended yesterday and yesterday night we all went bowling. That's how fine it is and its exactly how I wanted it to be. I knew John wouldn't be the type to say ya know what I never wanna speak to you again I hate you. We'll be fine at work and we'll all hang out in groups with our work friends like we've been doing. Its not going to be any different then before except for the fact that we aren't dating and we're just friends. I knew right away we could be adults about it and still be cool at work and still hang out. It was the people at my theater I was worried about because everyone there is a drama or gossip queen. Everybody knows about everything all the time and you always get talked about. I'm not even going to bother telling anybody though. If they ask I'll tell them but otherwise they don't need to know because they'll just overreact.
But anyhow, a group of us from work always gets together and hang out. Usually we hang out at one of the girls apartments. This time we decided we had played enough of her wii bowling and we wanted to go to a real bowling alley. So we drove out by her house and did the $2 Tuesday bowling. Myself, Olivia, John, Courtney and Ignacio all went together. I creamed them all with a score of 118 the first game and 125 the second game. None of them even broke 100 but it was still alot of fun and I think we'll keep hanging out like this every week for a long time. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I'm a graduate!

Today was my portfolio show and official last day of college. We all arrived at Belvedere Events and Banquets in Elk Grove Village this morning at 8:30 am. We had to be there bright and early to start setting up our tables. After all of our tables had been set up they fed us a continental breakfast. At 11:00 am was when the employers and different companies started coming in. A few people here and there would stop by our table, look at our work and we would talk to them. It was very successful I thought! I gave away alot of business cards and resumes. There weren't nearly as many business as there was family and friends though. As soon as 2:00 pm hit and they opened the doors for friends and family there was a stampede of people poring through the doors. Gobs of people everywhere, it was so crowded I couldn't believe how many people there were! We had about 1-2 people per hour with the business. It was just pretty slow honestly. So when the friends and family came it was like five or six people all crowded around one table trying to take business cards and resumes and look at the work. It was insane! There was no way everyone even had time to look at all the tables before 3:00 pm. At 3:00 pm it was still crowded as heck and they had to make an announcement asking everyone to start exiting so we could clean up. After all that preparation for this show the entire quarter it sure was over in a hurry. Everyone loved my work though, I got alot of positive feedback and maybe a few possible job interviews.
It's a weird feeling to think I've spent nearly my entire life in some kind of school and now I'm just suddenly done. Even if I spend more of my time working that doesn't necessarily mean I'll have homework. So I'll still have way more free time then I ever did before. I'm going to start looking for a full time job now but in the meantime I'm still at the theater. I'm also going to stay with Hank and help him out once in a while and do occasional photo shoots with him. He said if I come help him out a little bit maybe we can start getting me some money. I know his company isn't very big and I don't think he can afford a real employee. However, a little money here and there along with the experience will be good for me.
I couldn't be more happy today! I don't have to work tonight so I'm going to stay out real late, hang out with my friends and celebrate.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ski Brule Winter Carnival

Day 1- Friday March 16th

This past weekend was Ski Brule's Winter carnival up in Michigan. A bunch of us four winders all took part in this trip. There were about seventeen of us from four winds ski club along with a few other people from different clubs. We all took a large grey hound bus up to Michigan on Friday night. On the way up to Michigan it was seven hours of non stop partying on the bus. Drinking, music, food, games, and talking. By the time we finally made it to Michigan everyone was pretty drunk.
I think it made the bus ride up more fun though because everyone was so crazy and loud. To keep the bus ride interesting we played a game where you had to try to get around to everyone on the bus and chat with them. The goal was to try and get them to say the word no. If they said no they had to give up any safety pins they had collected from other people. Everyone starts off with one safety pin and you try to collect as many as you can. This gamed ended up going on the entire seven hours. You'd forget about the game and all the sudden somebody would come up and ask you a simple question such as "would you like some chips". When you say no you realize what you just did and you have to give up any safety pins you have. At the end whoever has the most safety pins collected wins. Since four winds color is bright green and the theme of the weekend at Ski Brule was down on the farm we all got bright green bandannas.

Day 2- March 17th

Today was our first day skiing on the hill. We didn't really know what to think at first about it being so warm. We all decided to put on all our winter gear anyways. We still dressed in sweatshirts and snow pants, hats and gloves. Just a little less bundled up then we would normally be. About twenty minutes after we had been on the hill we were literally dieing. Sweat was poring off of everyone. We couldn't take it anymore so we all ended up going back and changing into shorts and tshirts. It was such a weird feeling to be skiing in shorts and a tshirt. It almost felt wrong but it was so much cooler. In the end it worked out for the best and we were having a blast on the hill skiing in 72 degree weather. Despite the hills being a little bit slushie there was still snow (all fake of course) and we were still able to ski down all the runs. After skiing and participating in all the days activities we all sat out on the deck and enjoyed a nice lunch in the sun. Surprisingly we all got really sun burnt. You wouldn't really think to bring sun tan lotion on a ski trip. Weird huh!?
Day ones activities included the penguin races, slush cup and pie eating contest. For the penguin races you wear a garbage bag and you lay on your stomach and slide down the hill like a penguin while racing somebody. The slush cup is where you ski down the hill across a pool of water. They had many people do it on skis and a few people who did it on inter tubes. It was so much fun! The people who make it all the way across make it look so easy. Some people aren't so lucky though and wipe out pretty bad. Good thing it was warm out or they would be freezing getting out of that water. The more activities your club participates in the more points you earn for your club. The more members you get to participate in each activity also earns you points. The goal is to get the most points earned by your club and at the end of the trip they give out an ultimate club award. Our club ended up winning the ultimate club award this year! We also won the costume contest this year. The theme for this years costume contest was down on the farm. Two of the guys from our club dressed up in a horse costume together and went down the hill on tandem skis for the costume contest. Matt was the back of the horse and Patrick was the front. Each clubs members dress up and ski down the bunny hill while the staff judges everyone.
Last but not least was the St. Patricks day party held at the lodge. We had a blast dancing and partying all night. They had a DJ and lots of fun games. We did line dancing, the limbo, macarana. By the time we left the lodge it was almost 1:00 am. We all went in the hot tub and ended up hanging out there for almost an hour or so. I didn't end up going to bed until 3:00 am on St. Patricks day. I was still up by 7:30 in the morning so I could catch my 8 am breakfast and be on the hill by 9:00 am. I'm still not sure how I did it.

Day 3- March 18th

Today was our last day on the hill. We made the best of what little time we had by getting out on the hill early so we could get as much skiing in as possible. After skiing for a while we participated in the three legged race. They also had the nastar races and then the awards ceremony. After all that we had to start packing up the bus to leave at 4:00 pm. They plan so many activitys for such a short weekend. I wish the trip could have been longer. It was the best trip I've been on in a long time. Our ski club really is a great bunch of people and I enjoy every second with them. On the way home people drank a little bit but it wasnt nearly as crazy as the way up on Friday. People talked a little bit and we all watched a movie on the bus. Mainly everybody just stayed in their seats and slept. Nobody really got out of there chairs unless they had to use the bathroom. Almost half the way home I slept curled up in a ball on my seat.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Goodbye College!

This still doesn't seem real to me but next week is my last week of college. My classes are all basically finished by now. All that's left to do is any final preparation for my portfolio show on March 22nd. I already have my business cards and resumes printed and ready to go. I have all my images printed, they just need to be mounted. I have my design layout for my table done. So really there isn't much left to do, its all done. The one and only project for school I have left to complete is my physics creative project. I'll hand that in on Wednesday and be officially done with any school work for the rest of my life!! I'm kind of very excited about being done with school forever! Maybe the freaking out and nervousness will settle in after I graduate? Right now I feel excited and happy about it all. I've just been running around like crazy these past few weeks. So as soon as the portfolio show ends on Thursday I'll be skipping out of there. I'll have so much more time I wont even know what to do with myself. I'll be able to do all these random things I've been wanting to do for so long. I know I'll have to start cracking down and looking for a photography job somewhere though. I'm going to keep freelancing though. Party's, friends weddings, graduations, birhtdays, photo shoots with Chandra. So I expect you all to be calling me for photo shoots! I'll need to get lots of practice in. Especially you guys Burrits!! I would love to do a photoshoot with all the girls.
For the portfolio show on March 22nd they invite hundreds of employers and businesses to come and view all of the work we'll be displaying at our tables. You could get a job from this show or you could make some great contacts for the future. It all depends but its a very professional show where all the students dress up and talk to all the businesses that come in to see their work. Family and friends are also aloud to come in after the businesses from 2-3 pm.
At the show I will be displaying a box full of images I have mounted onto foam core board. The images I display are supposed to be my strongest images. The best images I've taken during my career at the Art Institute. I will also have two or three larger pictures to display on easels behind my table along with my business cards and resumes. This portfolio show is a requirement for graduation. As soon as the show ends at 3:00 pm and they give us the ok we have officially graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art. Our official graduation ceremony wont be until June though and we'll receive our diploma's over the summer. So once I officially graduate on Thursday I'll technically already have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Digital Photography. I just wont be getting my official copy of the diploma yet.
I wanted to post some of the pictures I'm using in the show here on my blog to see what other people think of them. I feel these are some of my strongest images. My teachers, friends and family have helped me narrow my collection of photos down to this. Everyone says my strongest images are my black and white ones. What do you think? Since I like portraiture the most I will be displaying most of my images of people at the show. However I need to show that I can do a variety of things so I've also selected a few outdoors shots to go along with the portraiture I'm displaying at the show.